How do I use credit card in Paypal?

Step 1: Chose your desired product, its variants and quantity

Step 2: View your cart

You can skip this step if you're already in the cart page as seen in Step 3

Step 3: After checking you've selected the right product with the right variant and quantity, click "Pay with Paypal"

Step 4 (optional): If you're redirected to Paypal login page, it maybe because you've logged in Paypal in the same browser before. Simply click on Pay with Debit/ Credit Card to move on. Otherwise, you'll be landed on Step 5. 

Step 5: Enter your payment information

Please remember to turn off the "Save info & create your Paypal account" button

Step 6: You will be directed to final page, where you can check all the information before placing your order. Also, this is where you can input any Discount code you have.