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Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea

Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea

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Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea

Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea

Regular price $24.97
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Thanks to Smooth Gut Constipation Webag Relief Tea, more than 59,000 people are now enjoying perfect poops without pain, strain, or dangerous enemas!

"I struggled with constipation and uncomfortable bloating, and fatigue for 20 years. I went to every doctor in my city and tried everything, including laxatives, cleanses, and probiotics.

The cleanses and laxatives gave me relief temporarily... but over time I felt like needed them more and more. And probiotics made my bloating and gassiness even worse."

Smooth Gut Constipation Webag Relief Tea has been a godsend. To my astonishment, within just 5  minutes of using it, I felt relief wash over me. As days passed, it's only been two weeks, and I'm already pooping like I did as a teenager. Thanks to Smooth Gut, for giving me my life back. I can now eat what I want and I'm back in full control of my digestion!". - Michelle S., Colorado, USA

"I never imagined finding relief from my chronic constipation could be this easy. After struggling for years with discomfort and irregularity, I decided to give Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea a try. In just 1 day I felt so relieved, the gentle yet effective action of Smooth Gut softened my stool and stimulated bowel movements, providing me with the much-needed relief I had been searching for. Now, thanks to Smooth Gut Constipation Webag Relief Tea, I no longer dread bathroom visits and can enjoy life without the burden of constipation weighing me down." - Catherine K., Oklahoma, USA

Constipation: An Unspoken Struggle

Constipation happens when your colon absorbs too much water from waste, making the stool hard and dry. Normally, nutrients are absorbed as food moves through the digestive tract. However, if food moves too slowly, the colon has more time to absorb water, which dries out the stool and makes it difficult to push out. About 4 million people in the United States have frequent constipation. Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint, resulting in 2.5 million doctor visits annually.

Symptoms of constipation

  • Passing fewer than three stools a week.
  • Hard and dry stools that may be painful to pass
  • Straining to have bowel movements.
  • Difficulty in passing the stool.
  • Stomach aches or cramps.
  • Bloated abdomen.
  • The sensation afterward that the bowel hasn’t fully emptied.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Having to sit on the toilet for a long time.

What causes constipation?

Food moving through the gut relies on two key mechanisms: peristalsis and the Migrating Motor Complex (MMC). Peristalsis involves the involuntary constriction and relaxation of intestinal muscles, creating wave-like movements that propel food through the digestive tract. Nerve endings throughout the intestinal walls detect the presence of food and trigger these movements. The MMC consists of wave-like contractions that clean and flush out the digestive system approximately every four hours, ensuring the gut remains free of leftover food and bacteria. When there’s constipation and bloating, it means that these waves have slowed dramatically.

Methane gas, produced by microscopic invaders called Archaea, plays a significant role in disrupting digestion. Archaea are ancient, single-celled organisms that thrive in extreme environments, including the human gut. When they colonize the small intestine, they produce methane gas, which slows down peristalsis and MMC, this means leading to constipation. Some of the most common causes of constipation include the following:

  • Medications
  • Lack of exercise
  • Not enough liquids
  • Not enough fiber in the diet
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement
  • Changes in habits or lifestyle, such as travel, pregnancy, and old age
  • Problems with intestinal function
  • Abuse of laxatives

The Consequences of Constipation

Straining to have a bowel movement can cause swelling in the veins around your anus, resulting in hemorrhoids. Additionally, passing large or hard stools can cause tiny tears in the anus, known as anal fissures.

Constipation has far-reaching consequences for overall health. The buildup of sludge and digestion-slowing bacteria in the gut leads to energy depletion, reduced vitality, and compromised health. Undetected bacterial overgrowth, a common cause of constipation, silently steals energy and well-being. Bacterial waste products enter the bloodstream, causing:

  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Painful heartburn
  • Ulcers
  • Uausea

Temporary ‘Remedies’ Do More Harm Than Good!

When faced with constipation issues, people often turn to temporary solutions. However, did you know that while these can provide some momentary relief, the symptoms often return in a couple of days because the root cause isn't addressed? Each time this cycle repeats, the gut becomes more and more degraded.

  • Fiber: While fiber can bulk up stool and temporarily relieve constipation, it also feeds bad bacteria and parasites, leading to gas and painful bloating. Most commercial fiber products are also loaded with artificial ingredients that can further disrupt digestion.
  • Laxatives: Laxatives, usually containing polyethylene glycol, force bowel movements but damage the colon’s mucosal lining over time. This damage reduces the colon's effectiveness and can lead to dependence on laxatives, worsening digestion in the long run.
  • Probiotics: Oral probiotics often get destroyed by stomach acid or end up in the small intestine, where they are not needed. This can delay the restoration of a healthy gut microbiome, making them counterproductive and potentially harmful for digestive health.

The key ingredient that makes Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea so effective

  • Licorice 
    Provides a protective coated layer that cushions and protects cells from external toxins and even the body’s own digestive acids and enzymes. It also creates a wet, slippery substance that helps movements pass through easily, helping to promote magical daily poops that practically slide out on their own without pushing or strain.

  • Senna
    Helps stimulate the digestive tract and release the body’s natural laxative, bile.
    Bile acids are created in the liver and released into the digestive system to help break down fats so they can be absorbed into the body through the small intestine. Bile acid also softens stools, providing even more lubrication for poop to quickly move through the colon. 

  • Chamomile
    The master antioxidant that helps repair intestinal damage and reduces allergies. It helps protect the intestinal walls from Archaea and other parasites, like a repairman and helps cells patch up the holes and supports the mucosal lining of the gut, which is the protective barrier separating the gut from the bloodstream.

  • Fennel
    Activates genes to stimulate fat-burning and increase metabolic heat -- also known as thermogenesis, unlocking the body's full fat-burning ability. It also can improve the integrity of proteins in the cells of the gut barrier. Fennel activates the genes involved in maintaining these tight junctions between the intestinal cells, helping the body to reverse a leaky gut condition.

How does it work?

Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea acts like an army of friendly soldiers marching straight to the gut to battle and eliminate the harmful invaders that may have taken over your body. Not only does it help eradicate the nasty archaea that disrupt gut health, but it also promotes daily bowel movements, leaving you feeling light and energetic. Our Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea targets methane-producing archaea without harming the beneficial microbiome in your gut.

Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea key features

  • Increases Motility
    Helps increase pooping speed, so toxic waste isn’t stuck fermenting inside the gut, restoring peristalsis waves that regularly clean out the intestines.
  • Clears Digestion-Destroying Bacteria
    It clears out bacteria that have formed colonies deep inside the folds of the intestines while supporting the healthy gut microbiome, reducing embarrassing gas, and painful bloating, and cleaning out other toxic byproducts of these rogue invaders.
  • Calms Nerves and Relaxes Intestinal Muscles
    So stools can effortlessly glide out of the colon, giving the feeling of complete release and elimination daily.
  • Natural & safe
    Safe, plant-based remedies offer a promising solution for constipation.
    The benefits of natural solutions extend beyond symptom relief, promoting overall well-being and a healthy gut.

Let us hear more from our satisfied customers!

"Being a food enthusiast and avid traveler, my erratic eating habits had wreaked havoc on my digestion. Discovering the Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea intrigued me with its promise of natural relief. After using it consistently for two weeks, I was amazed by the change it brought. No longer did I approach meals with trepidation or endure discomfort during my adventures. This herbal tea not only eased my constipation but also restored a sense of harmony in my gut. For me, it meant not just physical comfort but the freedom to relish life's flavors without worry." - Anthony D., Collierville, Collierville, USA

"The days around my period is probably the worst days of digestion for me. No matter what I eat, I feel bloated and get cramps in my lower stomach. It’s like carrying an extra 10-15 lbs down there. My energy is sluggish and I just don’t feel like myself.

After trying Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea for a week, all of my tummy problems were gone and I barely notice the difference when I’m on my period and when I’m not. My energy level is also a lot higher and my mood is better. I feel like Smooth Gut Constipation Webag Relief Tea does way more for my health than fixing my gut issues. I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking it. With Smooth Gut Constipation Webag Relief Tea for life!" - Nesley B., TX , USA 

Package includes

  • Traditional Herbal™ Organic Smooth Gut Constipation Relief Tea (16 wrapped webags)


Use it once a day, and do not have faults during use, so as not to affect the use effect. According to our research data and customer feedback, the effect is most obvious and stable in the 8th week of use. Over 39,000 customers reported that it's better to buy 5 Boxes or more at a time in case there would be disruption of use that may affect results due to long-time delivery and logistic processes between orders.


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